Gabrielle Thompson

I'm a freelance writer who is currently working as a Music Writer intern for Roots Music Magazine. I am also currently working on my AA in English at Ozarks Technical Community College. I have done social media marketing and have prior experience with different styles of writing, including AP style, editorial, poetry, fiction, news, ect. 

About Me

I am a 21 year old freelance writer from Springfield, Missouri.  I have been writing since I was a child. Before I settled on an English/Journalism degree, I had wanted to go for a film major.  That led me to develop experience in amateur film production, musical theater, and research of film history. While learning more about film history and better understanding the geographic of the profession I had thought I wanted to explore, I decided to document the information I was uncovering and realized journalism seemed like a better fit. I am an advocate for educating and redesigning your local community with organizations such as SPFLD Better Block and am involved in community service organizations. As someone who is also in property management/real estate, I am passionate about bettering our local communities and environment. 

My Work

Unpublished Projects

In 2012, I submitted an article in the Nixa News-Leader, a local publication, as part of a school writing project. The article highlighted the pros and cons of cat ownership and even included interviews from local veterinarians. The article didn't end up being published but was included in the informal class newsletter. 

In 2011/2012 I nearly single-handedly put together a film project based on a scene from a novel my book group was reading. Not only did I supply the props, video editing, and directorial approach, but I also wrote our film's script. I've have tried to dabble in script writing but have not finished any works at this time

Book Contributions

In 2019/2020 my friend, author Carla Valderrama, decided to write "This Was Hollywood: Forgotten Stars And Stories". I had done some research on film history and documented my work online. The author had become a huge fan and asked me for my research participation for her book.

Other Literary Works

I started my first magazine internship in September 2022 for Nashville-based publication, Roots Music Magazine. I have written several articles and reviews that have been published by them. 

Awards And Accolades

Throughout my early school years, I submitted literary works such as poetry, short stories, ect for the school's LAD fair. One of my works, a poem, won 4th place in the school's submissions.

My Publications

Explore a featured selection of unpublished and published writing below from 2017-2022

"Coal Miner's Daughter" Singer, Loretta Lynn, Dies at 90

If you grew up on classic country music, it's likely that you heard a few songs by Loretta Lynn. The song most people know her by is "Coal Miner's Daughter", a song she wrote about her childhood in the coal-mining hills of Kentucky. Hailing from a true rags-to-riches story, she was the second of eight children. Her family was so poor that her mother used Sears catalogue pages as wallpaper. At the age of 18, her new husband, Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn, bought her a 17$ Gibson guitar from Sears & Ro

“Denim and Diamonds” is Nikki Lane’s Splash With Rock Music

Being her fifth album release, singer and songwriter Nikki Lane has been known for her soulful, mid-century bluegrass music. Having a reputation of creating a vintage country atmosphere with her tracks, her latest album seems to be a return to that sound. However, she has spiced it up with rock influences. What is interesting about this album is the underlying tone of “Mom, I am a rich man”, a pleasantry made famous by Cher. This quote is even broadly stated in the album’s title track. Last yea

John Mellencamp's No. 1 Breakthrough Album "American Fool" is now 40 Years Old

In 1982, John Mellencamp, who was going by the stage name of "John Cougar", was making the album "American Fool" when a record company executive dropped in on him in the recording studio. This executive was wearing a pink shirt (which is a crucial detail, mind you) and was not exactly very complimentary of the music he was hearing. He decided to put his two sense in and suggest very boldly that Mellencamp add horns to the sound mix. At once, Mellencamp threw him (apparently so) out a side door i

Little Big Town’s Latest Album “Mr. Sun” Captures the Positivity of the Seventies Beach Sound

When you listen to this album, you get the feeling of sweet nostalgia mixed with softer harmonies and folk-style influences. The award-winning group, Little Big Town, recently released their tenth studio album with a new and warmer perspective. Due to the pandemic, the group had time to focus on their personal lives for the first time in their two-decade career. They each took time to reflect and grow while they worked on the record. “Mr. Sun is intentionally an emotional record that holds hand